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Two Exciting RPG Games for iOS Platform

Role Playing Game (RPG) is a huge hit because it allows gamers to have direct experience in the game. Gamers feel as if they were the characters; they are on a mission that requires them to go through difficult, dangerous, and rough path. The newest RPGs come with detailed and updated graphics that sometimes seem real and personal. Well, you probably want to try Final Fantasy IV or Infinity Blade III, if you want to try great visuals, detailed graphics, and challenging controls.

Two Exciting RPG Games for iOS Platform

Infinity Blade

This Infinity Blade III is a part of Infinity Blade series designed for iPhone and iPad platform. For the new version, expect newer features with improved graphics that are crisper and brighter than the previous ones.

Just like other RPG concepts, you will embark on an adventurous journey where you will fight off villains and enemies. When you are killed, you have to start off from the beginning, but when you manage to kill a villain or enemy, you can get new word or your status will improve. For this third series, you can have two different characters and switch each one – unlike the first and second where you only ‘travel’ alone. Moreover, in this series, you are given the ability to re-forge weapons as well as brewing potions.

Control for combat movement is quite easy. For instance, to parry an attack, you simply swipe toward the villain. If you want to block, you only need to tap on the shield icon – but make sure to do it at the right time. If you want to cast spells or counterattacks, swipe toward your enemies. Some people need adjustments with the movements, but after a while, you will get the hang of it. A dragon will be added as your new enemy, to increase the challenging level. However, you will also be given different weapon styles, such as: dual weapons, double handed one, and regular sword with shield. With the new enemy (which is quite difficult to defeat), you can also test the versatility and flexibility with different weapons. Keep in mind that you need to continuously have new supply of new weapons so you can level up. It may require time to get used to it, but you will deal with it soon.

Two Exciting RPG Games for iOS Platform1

Final Fantasy IV

It may not be a new game since this one was introduced in 2008. However, new additions and refined dramas have been added, along with various handy features, cool audio, and superb visuals and graphics.

There is nothing new about the concept of the game, but when it comes to Final Fantasy, the story and the plot are the most important elements that tempt players to continue playing. If you have been familiar with the icons and inhabitants from the FF IV’s world – like Lunar Whale, Golbez, or Mysidia – here is your best shot to revisit them again.

The game itself if quite challenging and you need to develop your own strategy so your characters can benefit from your actions. Nobody says that FF is a difficult game, but it is definitely addictive – especially if you are into the drama.

Two Fun Puzzle Solving Games to Challenge You!

If you are into puzzle solving and critical thinking games, you will like these two puzzle games of Puzzle Bandit and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. These games may look fun and adorable, and the initial moves may seem very simple and easy, but never underestimate the level as you will face new challenges and new difficulty each time you progress. Lean about each one of them and decide which one you like best.

Puzzle Bandit

Puzzle Bandit looks like a regular puzzle board matching game, but there are more exciting things about this game, so it won’t be so mediocre or boring anymore. Developed by Grey Area Ltd for iOS platform, you can enjoy the combination of puzzle solving, adventurous experience, and action gaming.

Two Fun Puzzle Solving Games to Challenge Your Strategic Skills and Careful Thinking

Playing Puzzle Bandit isn’t difficult. You only need to move the piece that you want, place it on the intended spot, and simply let go. When the board you move touches others, it will automatically replace the old piece. When you have your turn, you can create several matches within a single move, and when you do it right, you can clear up the whole board and make yourself a winner. However, the problem with this game is the moment you start your move, you activate the timer. You are given a limited time to make your move and finish your sequence before it hits zero. In case you place the wrong piece at the wrong place, and your time is already over, that’s your misfortune – and that’s when you need to be smart before making any move at all.

Two Fun Puzzle Solving Games to Challenge Your Strategic Skills and Careful Thinking1As the game progress, you will find out that planning your move and ponder about everything is crucial, and will save you a lot. If you are able to match the tiles, you can attack only an enemy, but if you are able to match five – or even more – tiles within the same color group, you can attach every enemy. If you can match better, leading to heart tile combo, it will heal your group. Basically, the better matches you make, your characters have more hit points, they can create higher level of damages, and they can heal faster. Sounds like an exciting game? Well, try it and see it for yourself.


Hearthstone is a type of trading card game in digital world. As the name suggests, all of the characters are coming from the Warcraft series – which is a huge hit among online and digital gamers. Your purpose is to build your own powerful deck to fight against other players. At the same time, you are required to complete dungeons, which are of course dangerous and not easily done. Everything is detailed with good balance, and you need to develop your own sense of strategic gaming.

Each time you progress, you can unlock other features which can be handy for your gaming experience. The animations are superb and the core rules are easy to understand. It may seem simple, but wait until you try it – it won’t be as easy as you think and yet it is highly challenging and strangely addictive.

Powerful Heroes of Dota 2 with Special Abilities

In Dota 2 heroes is the most important component on the game, where the player would be present by each hero that they use. The way that player control heroes also play a huge role in interfere the story line during the game play. There game itself consists of two teams where each time has 5 players with their own heroes that could be selected from the panel. However from 112 heroes available, there are only 108 heroes of Dota 2 that are playable. Each of the heroes has their own combat type, which based on their ability and the addition that they gain from attributes. All types of heroes are needed so they could create the strongest army, which could destroy enemy’s force.

Heroes with strength element

The heroes in this category are very tough so they have the power to endure higher damage than heroes in other categories. Because they have high strength attributes, they will also high source of health and could heal very quickly. That is why player use this heroes in battlefield to deal with the damage. These heroes are usually using melee weapon.

Powerful Heroes of Dota 2 with Special Abilities1

Earthshaker: this hero use the power of nature to deliver their abilities such as Raigor Stonehoof that could create seismic fissures that would stun the foes and isolate them from their allies. The best thing about this hero is that it could give damage to a lot of foes at once by using their Raigor’s Echo Slam ability.

Sven: this hero is a rogue character that could fight foes by itself. By using Storm Bolts ability it could slam the foes on the ground and scattered them apart. This hero is very dependable for close range combat.

Tiny: these heroes of Dota 2 have tiny body, however that does not mean it does not have strength. On the contrarily it could cause a big landslide in a flash. It also strong enough to swipe their foes in the air, and could transform into Stone Giant that has huge size taller than its enemies.

Kunkka: this hero has Tidebringer as their weapon, as legendary sword it could destroying the whole armies. The manipulation ability of Torrents would deal a lot of damage to the foes. Ghost from ship is summoned to blow their enemies even to the edge of the troops.

Heroes with agility element

This kind of heroes comes with high agility, which makes it dexterous so it could master a lot of weapon and technique. They have high speed when attaching their enemies so player would only focus in using regular attack with addition of damage from items.

Anti Mage: This hero is very deadly especially for mage. They would teleport through the battlefield to reach the mage that is what makes it very difficult to catch. In the end they could use Mana Break ability to break down enemy’s Mage, in the end the Mana Void ability is cast to end the Mage.

Bloodseeker: this hero will target foes that has get with a lot of damage to finish it which show how it really thirsty for blood. Moreover when he finishes one unit of foes, then he could heal himself. It could also disturb foes that try to flee so they could not finish their moves.

Drow Ranger: these heroes of Dota 2 uses arrow to deal with their foes. The Frost Arrows ability could be used to slow down enemy’s movement, while their Icy Wind Arrows are used to finish the foes out. Marksmanship attribute is really needed by this hero.

Shadow Fiend: this hero has high attack damage and powerful ability. Shadowrazes are use to blow their enemies while Mortal Coil would creates a lot of damage on the foes. The final destroyer would be Requiem of Souls that is high powerful attack.

Mirana: this hero uses arrows as their weapon that could deal great damage with suprice attack as the key, they could also call sandstorm that damaged a lot of opponent near them. The allies would be protected with lunar power using this hero ability.

Heroes with high intelligence

The heroes in this category has a lot of abilities and spells, they also have higher number of Mana that generates very quickly compared to other heroes in different categories. This hero is normally acted like supporting character to help their allies by harming enemies and do not do any physical attack Moreover the heroes in this category is very fragile but they because they have high ability then they would not be killed easily.

Powerful Heroes of Dota 2 with Special Abilities

Crystal Maiden: this hero use ice element to fight their foes by trapping them in ice and creating waves of ice to damage them, they also heal the whole allies while doing so.

Puck: these heroes of Dota 2 use mischief ability to deal damage to the foes. They use choking dust do make the foes get silence effect so they could not use their Mana. They also becomes invincible so the enemies attack could not reach them, makes the enemies waste their Mana uselessly.

Storm Spirit: this hero uses storm to blow their enemies then suck them into electrical vortex, which would give their enemies high damage. This hero could also dash passed their enemies without being damaged.

Lich: this hero has many kinds of energy source; it could create waves of cold that used to deal damage to enemies. They could also create armor made from ice that uses to protect them. Chain of Frost is use as the final blow that could finish their opponent. When they do not have enough Mana, they could sacrifice their creeps.

Witch Doctor: the presence of these heroes of Dota 2 could create a lot of difference in the battlefield. They could create a huge cask that could paralyze the enemies. Cursing the enemies with voodoo would be easy thing to do, since they could also summon death wards to finish their enemies. The best thing is this hero could also heal their allies.

How to Reduce Lag in Online Game

When you play online game, it surely becomes very annoying when your game get lagging, especially when the lag happen during your combat with the boss, then the lag would makes you react late to the attack so you could not dodge it in the right time. If your hero only has only little health left, the matter of lag that just happen for a few second would make your hero death on the battle which finish your game. That is why you need to reduce lag in online game to ensure your game experience happened in smooth play.

Reduce Lag in Online Game1

Easy steps to reduce lag for your game

1. Add the online game to your antivirus exception list so they would not block the connection. If it possible use game mode for your antivirus during your play so it would not scan all connection which makes the game becomes lagging.

2. Stop your download since it could take a lot of connection especially when you use download manager that takes parallel connection to download your file, which means your game would get less connection and becomes lagging.

3. Stop other programs that you do not need including music player, which could take a lot of process in your computer.

Reduce Lag in Online Game

4. Move the place of your wireless router to be as near as possible, it would be better when you are in the same room as your wireless router so the connection do not need to get through walls which makes it slow.

5. It would be better when you could use Ethernet cable to connect to the router since it will offer more stabile connection than reduce lag in online game.

6. Search for the minimum requirement of hardware that your online game needs to operate if your hardware could not meet the minimum requirement, then it would not be able to process the game in maximum so your online game would be lagging. To easily see whether your hardware would be compatible with the online game, there are many website that could scan and detect it for you.

7. Do not forget to update all drivers to the newest one so there would not be any bugs on the drivers anymore. Newest driver would also ensure smoother run on the device.

8. Add more RAM; this is needed so there is more resource that your online game could use. For now the minimum RAM that you need usually on 2GB size, but it would be better when you could get RAM with 4GB size since more modern online game would be heavier to runs.

9. Defrag your hard disk routine; this is needed so your hard drive would be free from any junk that could clutter your hard disk that makes it difficult to read. Go to the search field and types defrag, from the list choose Disk Defragmenter then choose Defragment Disk to sets the process.

10. Change your firewall setting; make sure that your game is allowed to get connection in and to send connection out to reduce lag in online game.